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MAY 18 – MAY 24

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Fri 5/18 1:30, 4:00, 6:30
Sat 5/19 1:30, 4:00, 6:30
Sun 5/20 11:30, 12:45, 5:30
Mon 5/21 3:00, 5:30
Tue 5/22 3:00, 5:30
Wed 5/23 3:30, 8:15
Thu 5/24 1:00, 3:30, 8:15

Love After Love

Fri 5/18 1:30, 6:30
Sat 5/19 1:30, 6:30
Sun 5/20 1:45, 7:45
Mon 5/21 3:00, 5:30
Tue 5/22 3:00, 5:30
Wed 5/23 6:00
Thu 5/24 1:00, 6:00

You Were Never Really Here

Fri 5/18 4:00, 8:45
Sat 5/19 4:00, 8:45
Sun 5/20 3:00, 7:45
Mon 5/21 7:45
Tue 5/22 7:45
Wed 5/23 3:30, 8:15
Thu 5/24 3:30, 8:15


Fri 5/18 1:15, 8:45
Sat 5/19 1:15, 8:45
Sun 5/20 4:15
Mon 5/21 7:45
Tue 5/22 7:45
Wed 5/23 5:45
Thu 5/24 5:45

Royal Opera House

Sunday 5/20 10:30AM

all seats $12 in advance
or $15 day of the event


Fri 5/18 4:00, 6:30, 8:45
Sat 5/19 4:00, 6:30, 8:45
Sun 5/20 10:30am, 3:00, 5:30
Mon 5/21 3:00, 5:30, 7:45
Tue 5/22 3:00, 5:30, 7:45
Wed 5/23 3:30, 6:00, 8:15
Thu 5/24 1:00, 3:30, 6:00, 8:15


Please call 503-378-7676 to confirm.


United States. 2018. Directed by Betsy West, Julie Cohen. (97 mins.) Rated PG.

RBG provides an engaging, enlightening and entertaining look into Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's intellect, work ethic, bone-deep decency and commitment to justice!

"Stands as a film that informs, and sometimes even delights with its portrait of one of the more remarkable lawyers, judges and feminist icons of our time." - Bilge Ebiri, Village Voice

This compelling and courageous documentary details precisely how Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s vigorous dissenting opinion and ferocious 20-push-up workouts have earned the tiny, soft-spoken intellectual giant the iconic title Notorious RBG. Now 84, her strategic, trailblazing work in defining gender-discrimination has created unprecedented legal advancements for women’s rights and equality. Through intimate interviews and unprecedented access to Ginsburg’s life outside the court, RBG tells the electric and engaging story of a woman who, refusing to relinquish her passionate duty, is still a force with which to be reckoned.



United States. 2018. Directed by Russell Harbaugh. (91 mins.) Not Rated.

LOVE AFTER LOVE is a poetic, cool-headed, intimate tale of a family quietly unspooling after the death of its patriarch!

"In its way, this small, handcrafted, and immaculately well-realized feature challenges the limited way that movies tend to depict loss." - David Ehrlich, Indiewire

A beautifully realized portrait from director Russell Harbaugh, LOVE AFTER LOVE is a real, raw glimpse into one family’s recovery after the loss of a loved one. After their father passes away, Nicholas (Chris O’Dowd) and Chris (James Adomian) struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives while watching over their mother (an extraordinary Andie MacDowell) as she navigates new beginnings with her own emotional journey. Fiercely funny and tenderly touching, this gem is a graceful and blisteringly complex tale that lovingly captures their many stumbles and triumphs as they each learn to grieve in their own way.



United States/UK/France. 2018. Directed by Lynne Ramsay. (89 mins.) Rated R.

YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, with a flawless performance from Joaquin Phoenix, is a spellbinding vision of innocence corrupted that burrows deep into your soul!

"A journey to the deepest levels of the dark side, You Were Never Really Here is an art-house crime thriller that succeeds on every technical and creative level." - Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Hailed as a modern successor to TAXI DRIVER, this stunningly imaginative portrayal from director Lynne Ramsay (WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN) is a stupendous study in atmospheric storytelling. Joe (Joaquin Phoenix), a former FBI agent turned contract killer, carries out his missions while dealing with a severe post-traumatic stress disorder. When a political hopeful tasks him with rescuing his teenage daughter from the brothel she was kidnapped into, he uncovers a deadly conspiracy he can’t walk away from. YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE is a dark, devastating and daring portrayal of a man trapped in a cycle of violence he cannot escape.



Israel/Switzerland/Germany/France. 2018. Directed by Samuel Maoz. (108 mins.) Rated R. in Hebrew with English subtitles

FOXTROT is a surreal, mysterious and emotionally gripping masterpiece pulsing with magic realism and sardonic humor!

"With a fluent mix of irony and sincerity, Maoz interrogates - gently, but with unwavering insistence - the rituals of a country mired in the moral contradictions of occupation and its own defensive crouch." - Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

This audacious, brilliantly crafted critique of Israel’s military courageously confronts the ordeal of a young soldier and his grief-stricken parents. Structured in reality-shifting, tonally distinctive chapters, this stunning triptych of loss, futility and trauma opens as a Tel Aviv couple learns that their son was killed in the line of duty. The action then jumps to a remote checkpoint where the son and his comrades fight boredom in a surreal landscape, and then shifts back to the Feldman home where a devastating truth is unraveled. With caustic wit and fantastic performances, FOXTROT is a bold, controversial and powerful rumination on the absolute lunacy of war.



United States. 2018. Directed by Jason Reitman. (94 mins.) Rated R.

TULLY, full of deadpan humor, is an unwavering, unapologetic, deeply moving and unabashedly honest ode to motherhood!

"Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis are dynamite together, the actresses playing off each other like two sides of the same coin." - David Ehrlich, Indiewire

In their third collaboration (after the Oscar-winning JUNO and YOUNG ADULT), director Jason Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody have made their most mature and insightful film to date by taking bold, uncharted risks in a heartfelt story about friendship and parenting. Smart, sassy and utterly spellbinding, TULLY stars Charlize Theron as Marlo, a stay-at-home mother of two with a third on the way who is gifted a night nanny by her wealthy brother (Mark Duplass). Though hesitant at first, Marlo welcomes the free-spirited au pair into their home and a unique friendship is sparked that will change them both forever. It is an intricate, tender and remarkably rich meditation on motherhood.


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