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APRIL 25 - MAY 1

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Under The Skin

Fri 4/25 (*3:30) 8:30
Sat 4/26 (*3:30) 8:30
Sun 4/27 (*12:15) 5:30 7:45
Mon 4/28 (*12:15) (*5:30) 7:45
Tues 4/29 (*5:30)
Weds 4/30 7:45
Thurs 5/1 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)


Fri 4/25 6:00 8:30
Sat 4/26 (*12:45) 6:00 8:30
Sun 4/27 (*2:45) 7:45
Mon 4/28 (*2:45) 7:45
Tues 4/29 7:45
Weds 4/30 (*5:15)
Thurs 5/1 (*5:15)
(*Bargain Shows)

The Lunchbox

Fri 4/25 (*3:30) 6:00
Sat 4/26 (*1:00) (*3:30) 6:00
Sun 4/27 (*12:15) (*2:45) 5:15
Mon 4/28 (*12:15) (*2:45) (*5:15)
Tues 4/29 (*5:15) 7:45
Weds 4/30 (*5:15) 7:45
Thurs 5/1 (*5:15) 7:45
(*Bargain Shows) 

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Fri 4/25 (*3:30) 6:00 8:30
Sat 4/26 (*1:00) (*3:30) 6:00 8:30
Sun 4/27 (*12:15) (*2:45) 5:15 7:45
Mon 4/28 (*12:15) (*2:45) (*5:15) 7:45
Tues 4/29 (*5:15) 7:45
Weds 4/30 (*5:15) 7:45
Thurs 5/1 (*5:15) 7:45
(*Bargain Shows) 

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UK. 2014. Directed by Jonathan Glazer. (108 mins.) Rated R.

UNDER THE SKIN is an otherworldy, richly rewarding and tantalizing thriller!

Jonathan Glazer's unconventional and astonishing sci-fi film stars Scarlett Johansson as a classic, iconic femme fatale, right down to the plump red lips and luxurious fur coat, who stalks unwitting men on the lonely back roads of Scotland. Her identity and motives are hazy, but there is clearly something alien in the cold void at her core and at the way she looks at the world. From its arresting first image, it expands into an increasingly absorbing mystery that captures the cool, predatory impulse of a voracious seductress. UNDER THE SKIN eerily accumulates one strange, spine-chilling encounter after another, pushing inevitably towards its shocking and unsettlingly brilliant conclusion. The haunting masterpiece is based on Michel Faber's cult novel of the same name.



United States. 2014. Directed by David Gordon Green. (117 mins.) Rated R.

JOE is a dynamic, honest and lyrical examination about a complex character whose tough exterior masks an inner vulnerability.

Nicolas Cage gives one of the best performances of his career as the hard-living, hot-tempered, ex-con Joe Ransom who is desperately trying to put his violent past behind him and make an honest living clearing forests for a lumber company. When he hires on a hard-luck 15 year-old kid (Tye Sheridan from MUD, THE TREE OF LIFE), the oldest child of an impoverished, volatile family, it awakens in Joe a fierce and tender-hearted desire to protect him from his troubled life. A gripping mix of friendship, fury and redemption erupts in this contemporary Southern adaptation celebrated for its deeply moving core and director David Gordon Green (GEORGE WASHINGTON, SNOW ANGELS) delivers a genuine, rich, atmospheric drama drenched in powerful, gothic roots.



India. 2014. Directed by Ritesh Batra. (104 mins.) Rated PG. In English and in Hindi with English subtitles

THE LUNCHBOX is a wonderfully wry romantic comedy set in Mumbai that rides on a delectable, wistful central performance by Irrfan Khan!

With a beguiling and beautiful simplicity, THE LUNCHBOXconveys a nostalgic, tender and touching love story rivaling the romance of classic cinema. To add some spice and intrigue to her marriage and spark the affections of her inattentive husband, a lonely but luminous Mumbai housewife sends a special lunch to his office. But the meal is mistakenly delivered to the desk of an isolated accountant on the verge of retiring. When the cook and the eager recipient of her meals begin to fold notes into the lunchbox and their feelings for each other escalate through pen and paper, we are witness to an intimate, heartfelt and hope-filled exchange. Director Ritesh Batra's debut feature is an irresistible and enticing exploration of the fragility of human connection and compassion and reminds us of the beauty and joys of films from India. 


United States. 2014. Directed by Wes Anderson. (99 mins.) Rated R.

We've been selling out THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, sometimes well in advance of showtime. Please plan ahead! You can purchase advance tickets at our box office during our regular business hours and we would also suggest arriving around 30 mins. or so before showtime to find seats to your liking. Thank you for your patience & for sharing in our joy at the opportunity to have a long, successful run!

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is a wonderful celebration of everything Wes Anderson, a madcap marvel filled with Old World charm and sophisticated wonder!

Over and over again, director Wes Anderson beautifully crafts magical, ambitious creations. THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, reflecting the political turmoil and social upheaval of Europe between the wars through the hectic lives of staff and guests at one of the most famous hotels on the continent, sparkles with an abundance of wonder, wit and whimsy. Legendary, renowned concierge Gustave H. finds himself in heaps of trouble over the disputed ownership of a priceless Renaissance painting and when turbulent events show no sign of dwindling, lobby boy Zero Moustafa becomes his trusted friend and confidante. An astonishing blend of romanticism, adventure and zany, foolhardy antics, this marvelously wry and riotous film is a sublime whodunit for cinephiles with an appetite for the stylish, sophisticated, silly and scintillating! In other words, you're going to love it!!! 

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