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MARCH 17 - 23

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The Sense of An Ending

Fri 3/17 (*1:00) (*3:30) 6:00
Sat 3/18 (*1:00) (*3:30) 6:00
Sun 3/19 (*2:00) 4:30
Mon 3/20 (*2:00) (*4:30)
Tues 3/21 (*4:30) 7:00
Weds 3/22 (*2:30) 7:45
Thurs 3/23 (*2:30) 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)

My Life As A Zucchini

Fri 3/17 (*1:30) 6:00
Sat 3/18 (*1:30) 6:00
Sun 3/19 (*3:00) 5:00
Mon 3/20 (*5:00)
Tues 3/21 (*5:00)
Weds 3/22 (*3:00) 7:45
ENDS Thurs 3/23 (*3:00) 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)


Fri 3/17 (*3:30)
Sat 3/18 (*3:30)
Sun 3/19 no showings
Mon 3/20 7:00
Tues 3/21 no showings
Weds 3/22 (*2:30)
ENDS Thurs 3/23 (*5:15)
(*Bargain Shows)

A United Kingdom

Fri 3/17 (*3:30) 8:00
Sat 3/18 (*3:30) 8:00
Sun 3/19 (*2:00) 7:00
Mon 3/20 (*2:00) 7:00
Tues 3/21 (*2:00) 7:00
Weds 3/22 (*5:15)
Thurs 3/23 (*5:15)
(*Bargain Shows)


Fri 3/17 8:45
Sat 3/18 8:45
Sun 3/19 7:00
Mon 3/20 (*2:15)
Tues 3/21 (*2:15)
Weds 3/22 (*5:00)
ENDS Thurs 3/23 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)


Fri 3/17 (*12:45) 6:00
Sat 3/18 (*12:45) 6:00
Sun 3/19 7:00
Mon 3/20 7:00
Tues 3/21 (*2:00)
Weds 3/22 (*5:00)
Thurs 3/23 (*5:00)
(*Bargain Shows)


Fri 3/17 8:45
Sat 3/18 8:45
Sun 3/19 4:30
Mon 3/20 (*4:30)
Tues 3/21 (*4:30)
Weds 3/22 7:45
ENDS Thurs 3/23 (*2:30)
(*Bargain Shows)

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UK. 2017. Directed by Ritesh Batra. (108 mins.) Rated PG-13.

THE SENSE OF AN ENDING, from the acclaimed director of THE LUNCHBOX, is a mesmerizing, delicate and lyrical tale about the blurred lines of memory.

"The movie is ultimately Broadbent's showcase, and he shoulders the dramatic burden with sly, curmudgeonly expertise." - Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

"Its most receptive audiences will almost certainly be older, with enough life experience to recognize the mix of curiosity and regret that ensnares us like so many wild brambles each time we hazard a stroll down Memory Lane." - Peter Debruge, Variety

A captivating and slippery tale of aging, memory and self-delusion, THE SENSE OF AN ENDING is a splendid and complex adaptation of Julian Barnes' Booker-prize winning novel. Tony, played by the magnificent Jim Broadbent, is a curt, semi-retired divorcee who has led a life designed to shield him from pain and loss. His memories are challenged when he is bequeathed a diary written by an old school friend, and he must face unwelcome truths about his first love (Charlotte Rampling) and the swirling emotions surrounding their tempestuous time together. This moving and impeccably crafted film casts a subtle and suspenseful spell.



Best Animated Feature

Switzerland/France. 2016. Directed by Claude Barras. (70 mins.) Not Rated. in English voiced by Will Forte, Nick Offerman, Ellen Page and Amy Sedaris!

MY LIFE AS A ZUCCHINI's silly title and adorable characters belie a sober story whose colorful visuals delight the senses even as it braves dark, emotional depths!

"Seeing the world through a child's eyes can be pretty eye-opening. Watching My Life as a Zucchini, the altogether marvelous and Oscar-nominated stop-action animated film by director Claude Barras, that world is one you will not soon forget." - Miriam Di Nunzio, Chicago Sun-Times

"Along with the kids' sorrow, Barras works uplift and lightness into the story, and there are moments of great joy." - Soren Anderson, Seattle Times

BONUS SHORT! Prior to MY LIFE AS A ZUCCHINI, we will screen the short film THE GENIE IN A TIN OF A RAVIOLI, also directed by Claude Barras.

Armand works in a pasta factory. Every night when he comes back home, he opens a tin of raviolis for his dinner, but tonight, instead of raviolis, he is served a genie who is ready to grant him two wishes.

Authentic, empathetic and ultimately uplifting, this delightfully, brightly-colored stop-motion animation makes this sensitive coming-of-age story about an orphan nicknamed Zucchini quite irresistible. This is an intimately told story about a young boy and his parentless peers who form a comforting bond in order to find acceptance in their group home. Director Claude Barras tackles difficult subject matter with sensitivity, whimsy and a deeply personal, perceptive screenplay. MY LIFE AS A ZUCCHINI is a strikingly haunting tale filled with warmth and humanity.
Some scenes may be upsetting for young viewers, please note the PG-13 rating.


Chile/Argentina/France/Spain/United States.. 2016. Directed by Pablo Larrain. (107 mins.) Rated R. in Spanish and French with English subtitles

NERUDA is a humorous and irreverent celebration of not only the poet but all that his work represents -- an ode to the beauty of art, architecture and the natural world!

"A sumptuous puzzle of a movie that takes a turbulent period in the life of the Chilean poet and politician and turns it into a fable about fame and the power of words." - Randy Cordova, Arizona Republic

"As in all his movies, Larrain is an expert juggler of tones: by turns antic and lyrical, Neruda is shot with a dark, nocturnal beauty and a mournful orchestral score." - Ella Taylor, NPR

Inspired by the literary imagination of Chilean poet and senator Pablo Neruda, this brilliant homage brilliantly blends film noir, magical realism, politics, poetry, history and hedonism. When the Communist Party is banned in Chile in 1948, Neruda is forced into hiding, hotly pursued by a determined if none-too-bright police prefect (Gael Garcia Bernal), who is eager to make a name for himself by capturing the famed writer. JACKIE and NO director Pablo Larrain'sNERUDA is a playful blurring of narrative lines that humbly honors the tone and spirit of the celebrated wordsmith.



United States/UK/Czech Republic. 2017. Directed by Amma Asante. (111 mins.) Rated PG-13.

A UNITED KINGDOM is the true story of the forbidden love between the king of Botswana and a London woman which caused an international uproar when they decided to marry in the late 1940s just as apartheid was being introduced in South Africa!

"Vividly depicted by Oyelowo and Pike, the noble pair show that sometimes love and determination can make a difference." - Peter Keough, Boston Globe

"The result is a rich, stirring look at one of modern society's most enduring -- and yes, inspirational -- marriages, underpinned by political machinations that remain all too relevant." - Kate Erbland, Indiewire

Sweeping yet intimate, this brilliant biopic is a striking tale that illustrates how love can challenge even the harshest constraints. David Oyelowo (SELMA) gives a stirring and heroic depiction as a charming black student studying law in 1947 London who falls for a luminous and magnetic white insurance clerk (GONE GIRL's Rosamund Pike). It just so happens he is also heir to the throne of Botswana and must return home to lead an independence movement despite disapproval from his family and government. Their fight to change the world's attitude toward racial integration is a glorious, gorgeous and gripping drama.



United States. 2016. Directed by Jim Jarmusch. (118 mins.) Rated R.

PATERSON, from director Jim Jarmusch, is a refreshingly unvarnished work of poetry about communing with the world around you!

"Driver's performance as an uncertain man getting through the day-to-day prosaic, quietly buoyed by passion and artistic commitment, is exquisite." - Tom Keough, Seattle Times

"A lovely fable about the fragile, fruitful and occasionally fraught relationship between creativity and everyday life." - Geoff Andrew, Time Out

From acclaimed director Jim Jarmusch (GHOST DOG, NIGHT ON EARTH), this delicate depiction of small-town America focuses on a working-class poet who practices his craft admist the quiet magic of everyday life. Paterson (Adam Driver) is an even-handed, mild-tempered bus driver in Paterson, New Jersey whose life runs like clockwork - up at 6am, home from work at 6pm, walk the dog, down a beer at the local tavern. But each morning, he scrawls a poem in his notebook and each evening, his artistic wife welcomes him home with a new and quirky surprise. It is a quietly reflective, offbeat meditation on the desire for creative self-expression with a breathtaking yet perfectly balanced air of simplicity.



Best Picture
Best Supporting Actor, Dev Patel
Best Supporting Actress, Nicole Kidman
Best Cinematography
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Original Score

United States/UK/Australia. 2016. Directed by Garth Davis. (120 mins.) Not Rated. in English with some Hindi and Bengali

LION is a beautifully resonant story about fate, family and the kindness of strangers

"See it and I promise your own heart will skip a beat with happiness and joy." - Rex Reed, New York Observer

"As enthralling as it is emotional." - David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

With awe-inspiring deftness and delicacy, director Garth Davis knocks it out of the park with his first feature, LION, an unforgettable and amazing true story. When he was only five, Saroo was adopted by an Australian couple (Nicole Kidman, David Wenham) after being separated from his family in India. Two decades later, the young businessman sets out on a quest to find them. Newcomer Sunny Pawar lights up the screen as the young boy, and Dev Patel (SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE) delivers a deeply affecting performance as the adult. Greig Fraser's arresting photography takes on a role of its own, conveying the overwhelming chaos and beauty of Saroo's two worlds. This remarkable, heartwarming journey shows us how home transcends borders and family transcends blood.



Best Picture
Best Supporting Actor, Mahershala Ali
Best Adapted Screenplay

United States. 2016. Directed by Barry Jenkins. (110 mins.) Rated R.

Vibrating with authenticity, 
MOONLIGHT, being heralded as one of the year's best, is both extraordinary and exquisite!

"Basking in this Moonlight is one of the cinematic joys of the year." - Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Moonlight is a film of rare grace - a tender, compassionate, restrained look at a life lived in the shadows." - Adam Graham, Detroit News

A tender, timely tale about a young man's struggle to find himself, MOONLIGHT is an impeccably crafted story of staggering grace and empathy. Despite his small stature and reserved nature, young Chiron is a survivor determined to overcome the statistics, navigating the dangers of his harsh Florida neighborhood while exploring the soul-stirring confusion involving romantic feelings for his best friend. Told across three defining chapters in his life, this gripping film is a sensual, intoxicating piece of cinema that uncovers deep truths about the moments that define us, the people who shape us and the overwhelming ache of love that can last a lifetime.


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