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The Florida Project

Fri 11/17 (*12:30) (*3:15) 8:40
Sat 11/18 (*12:30) (*3:15) 8:40
Sun 11/19 4:30 7:00
Mon 11/20 (*4:30) 7:00
Tues 11/21 (*2:30) 7:45
Weds 11/22 (*2:30) 7:45
Thanksgiving 11/23 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)

Loving Vincent

Fri 11/17 (*3:30) 6:00 8:15
Sat 11/18 (*3:30) 6:00 8:15
Sun 11/19 (*2:00) 4:45
Mon 11/20 (*2:00) (*4:45)
Tues 11/21 (*5:30) 7:45
Weds 11/22 (*5:30) 7:45
Thanksgiving 11/23 (*5:30) 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)

We are proud to offer a few open
caption showings of Wonderstruck!

Fri 11/17 (*12:30) 6:00
Sat 11/18 (*12:30) 6:00
Sun 11/19 (*1:45) 7:00
Mon 11/20 (*1:45) 7:00
Tues 11/21 (*2:30) (*5:10)
Weds 11/22 (*2:30) (*5:10)
Thanksgiving 11/23 (*5:10)
(*Bargain Shows) (Open Caption)

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Fri 11/17 (*3:15) 8:40
Sat 11/18 (*3:15) 8:40
Sun 11/19 (*1:45) 7:00
Mon 11/20 (*1:45) 7:00
Tues 11/21 (*2:30) 7:45
Weds 11/22 (*2:30) 7:45
Thanksgiving 11/23 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)

Victoria & Abdul

Fri 11/17 (*12:30) 6:00
Sat 11/18 (*12:30) 6:00
Sun 11/19 4:30
Mon 11/20 (*4:30)
Tues 11/21 (*5:10)
Weds 11/22 (*5:10)
Thanksgiving 11/23 (*5:10)
(*Bargain Shows)
Please call 503-378-7676 to confirm.


United States. 2017. Directed by Sean Baker. (115 mins.) Rated R.

THE FLORIDA PROJECT, lingering on the sun-dappled highlights of childhood, is a superbly sympathetic and affirming celebration of individuals determined to make the most of life!

"Baker has imbued this whole terrific movie with a child's sense of discovery - the sort that can turn a decrepit, pastel corner of Orlando into a vibrant cinematic playground." - Bob Mondello, NPR

"Dafoe delivers his finest performance in recent memory, bringing to levelheaded, unsanctimonious life a character who offers a glimmer of hope and caring within a world markedly short on both." - Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

Crafting another empathetic and impeccable look at those existing on the fringe, director Sean Baker (TANGERINE, STARLET) sets his latest gem on a stretch of highway just outside the utopia of Disney World. THE FLORIDA PROJECT follows precocious 6 year-old Moonee (a breakout performance by Brooklynn Prince) as she courts mischief and adventure with her ragtag bunch of playmates at the seedy budget motel where she lives with her rebellious mother. Willem Dafoe is at his career-best as Bobby, the motel manager who hides a deep reservoir of kindness and compassion behind a seemingly stern exterior. It's a profoundly warm and genuine tale of the momentary joys of childhood that skirt the very edge of innocence. 



UK/Poland. 2017. Directed by Dorota Kobeila, Hugh Welchman. (94 mins.) Rated PG-13.

LOVING VINCENT, a cinematic masterpiece lovingly brought to life through each meticulously hand-painted frame, is a living, breathing tribute to Vincent Van Gogh's genius and his struggle to create!

"You will marvel at the art in this labor-intensive labor-of-love." - Bob Mondello, NPR

"Brings a poetic sense of tragedy to the last act of van Gogh's life, and fresh insight into the kind of man he was." - Peter Debruge, Variety

Imagine strolling through a gallery where the artwork moves and sways to tell its story. Inspired by a letter Vincent Van Gogh penned the week before he died, in which he noted that "we cannot speak other than by our paintings", Oscar-winning filmmaker Hugh Welchman and Polish painter Dorota Kobiela have crafted an imaginative, awe-inspiring marvel doing exactly that. Hiring an army of painters from across Europe, each trained in the Dutch master's style, they set out to tell his story the way he himself would. Over 62,000 oil paintings and a sterling cast including Chris O'Dowd, Saoirse Ronan and Jerome Flynn bring the story of Vincent Van Gogh's life and death to the screen in the world's first feature-length painted film. LOVING VINCENT, an extraordinary cinematic achievement, breathes the life story of the most mysterious, mythical and tragic of our great artists. Much more than a movie, this is a gorgeous and glorious masterpiece worthy of multiple viewings on the big screen!



United States. 2017. Directed by Todd Haynes. (117 mins.) Rated PG.

WONDERSTRUCK is a dazzling, beautiful film from its opening frame right up to its last and allows us to view the world in a magical, new light!

"A sweet, gentle story of two children connecting across time." - Moira Macdonald

"Haynes has always favored a quietude in his movies, and he's extremely well-suited to this material. It's a fairy tale full of earned sentiment." - Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

Celebrated filmmaker Todd Haynes (FAR FROM HEAVEN, CAROL) returns with a transcendent adaptation of Brian Selznick's best-selling novel. Deftly alternating between two narratives set fifty years apart, this wondrous gem follows a pair of runaway children on their seemingly individual though ultimately interconnected adventures. Ben (Oakes Fegley), who lost his hearing after a freak accident, longs for the father he has never known, while Rose, who was born deaf (as was acclaimed actress Millicent Simmonds), dreams of a mysterious actress whose life she chronicles in a scrapbook. Though separated by time and place, the mysterious symmetry between their journeys emerges with mesmerizing poignancy. Starring the incomparable Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams, and featuring breakout performances from its young leads, WONDERSTRUCK is an impeccably crafted and visually stunning coming-of-age tale.

The studio behind WONDERSTRUCK has made open captioning available to all theaters for this movie and we are proud to offer several open caption showings!



UK. 2017. Directed by Simon Curtis. (107 mins.) Rated PG.

GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN brilliantly balances wartime tension with childlike wonder as it tells the tale of the creation of celebrated children's series Winnie The Pooh!

"4 STARS! Goodbye Christopher Robin touches something bigger than its own ambitions. It touches, in a way movies rarely do, on some essential current of life." - Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

Director Simon Curtis (MY WEEK WITH MARILYN) presents a gorgeous, moving and heartfelt look into the complicated relationship between beloved children's author A. A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson) and his precocious son Christopher Robin (newcomer Will Tilston), whose collection of toys and unbridled imagination inspired the enchanting world of Winnie the Pooh. As the whimsical adventures of this honey-loving bear quickly capture the attention of a traumatized, post-war England, the family suddenly finds themselves swept up in the international success. With great empathy and nostalgia, GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN eloquently explores the complexities of family and fame.



UK/United States. 2017. Directed by Stephen Frears. (112 mins.) Rated PG-13.

VICTORIA & ABDUL is a royally entertaining charmer from director Stephen Frears with a timely message about acceptance and understanding between different cultures!

"Judi Dench can do no wrong, and playing Queen Victoria for the second time in the richly satisfying Victoria and Abdul is an acting lesson par excellence that proves how rapturous it is to watch this great artist do everything right." - Rex Reed, New York Observer

Acclaimed British auteur Stephen Frears reunites with his Academy Award winning PHILOMENA star, Judi Dench, in VICTORIA & ABDUL, the charming and delightful true tale chronicling the extraordinary friendship between Queen Victoria and a much younger Indian clerk. In 1887, Abdul Karim traveled from India to present a ceremonial medal as part of the Queen's Golden Jubilee. To his surprise, and to the dismay of the royal court and family, he finds favor with the sly, spirited sovereign, who welcomes him as a teacher, spiritual advisor and devoted friend. It is a light, humorous and brilliantly moving true story about race, religion and power told through the prism of one very unlikely union.

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