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AUG 26 - SEPT 1

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Don't Think Twice

Fri 8/26 (*3:30) 8:45
Sat 8/27 (*3:30) 8:45
Sun 8/28 6:45
Mon 8/29 (*1:15) 6:45
Tues 8/30 (*2:30) 7:45
Weds 8/31 (*2:30) 7:45
Thurs 9/1 (*2:30) 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)


Fri 8/26 (*3:30) 6:15
Sat 8/27 (*3:30) 6:15
Sun 8/28 4:15
Mon 8/29 (*4:15)
Tues 8/30 (*2:30) (*5:15)
Weds 8/31 (*2:30) (*5:15)
Thurs 9/1 (*2:30) (*5:15)
(*Bargain Shows)


Sun 8/28 7:00
followed by filmmaker Q&A
no coupons, passes
or CineBucks accepted
for special events


Mon 8/29 7:00
followed by filmmaker Q&A
all seats $5
no coupons, passes
or CineBucks accepted
for special events

Florence Foster Jenkins

Fri 8/26 & Sat 8/27
(*12:30) (*3:15) 6:00 8:45
Sun 8/28, & Mon 8/29
(*1:15) (*4:00) 6:45
Tues 8/30, Weds 8/31
& Thurs 9/1
(*2:15) (*5:00) 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)


Fri 8/26 (*12:45) 8:45
Sat 8/27 (*12:45) 8:45
Sun 8/28 (*1:15)
Mon 8/29 (*4:15)
Tues 8/30 7:45
Weds 8/31 7:45
Thurs 9/1 7:45
(*Bargain Shows)

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Fri 8/26 (*12:45) 6:15
Sat 8/27 (*12:45) 6:15
Sun 8/28 (*1:15) 4:15
Mon 8/29 (*1:15)
Tues 8/30 (*5:15)
Weds 8/31 (*5:15)
Thurs 9/1 (*5:15)
(*Bargain Shows)
Please call 503-378-7676 to confirm.


United States. 2016. Directed by Mike Birbiglia. (90 mins.) Rated R.

DON'T THINK TWICE is a rich and rewarding experience that is as magnanimous and volatile as the improv world it celebrates!

"Don't think twice, just see it." - Adam Graham, Detroit News

"A surprising, bitingly honest drama entwining strands of blood, sweat and jokes." - Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Mike Birbiglia's funny and authentic follow-up to his acclaimed debut SLEEPWALK WITH ME is set in the world of New York improv comedy. Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Kate Micucci, Tami Sagher and Chris Gethard are best friends who are inseparable members of a well-regarded troupe, and Birbiglia is their teacher and the group's founder. But after one of them lands a coveted spot on a hit TV show, the tight-knit group of friends and collaborators find themselves at a crossroads. As insightful and honest as it is funny, Birbiglia quintessentially captures the unique milieu of NYC's underground comedy scene of up-and-comers and scene-stealers, who, like the rest of us, all have a personal dream.


United States. 2016. Directed by Meera Menon. (100 mins.) Rated R.

EQUITY is an intense, expertly crafted dramatic narrative about survival of the fittest in the razor sharp financial realm of Wall Street!

"Considering the film's stridently female bent, it's laudable that by the end of Equity, you're no longer thinking of it as a women's picture." - Tricia Olszewski, The Wrap

A bold, suspenseful, female-focused Wall Street thriller, EQUITY is a tough, steely and driven drama. After being denied a promotion, senior investment banker Naomi Bishop (Anna Gunn) aims to one-up her male counterparts, but her success quickly sours as a scandal threatens the razor-thin divide she maintains between her personal and political lives. With an aggressive prosecutor from her past on her heels and a strained relationship with her junior prosecutor, she is forced to examine her own ambitions and the cutthroat world she loves. No one can be trusted and no device is too devious between women aiming to shatter the glass ceiling.


UK. 2016. Directed by Stephen Frears. (110 mins.) Rated PG-13.

FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS is a fizzy, funny and compassionate portrait of self-delusion and devotion! 

"Aiming for the same kind of affectionate comic tone as The King's Speech, this gentle musical farce from director Stephen Frears delivers gentle laughs and classy star performances." - Stephen Dalton, Hollywood Reporter

Based on the inspiring true story of an American socialite and amateur operatic soprano who obsessively pursued her dream of becoming a singer despite her lack of talent, FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS is a warm, witty, wondrously uproarious celebration of indulged eccentricity. The voice Florence (an exceptionally inspired Meryl Streep) hears in her head is divine, but to the rest of the world it is hilariously awful. Thus far, her devoted husband (Hugh Grant) has managed to protect his fanciful wife from the truth, but it's possible he's bitten off more than he can chew. This wildly whimsical tale revels in the indelible passion and the glory of the human spirit!


United States. 2016. Directed by James Schamus. (110 mins.) Rated R. in English with some Hebrew

INDIGNATION, with a passionate performance from Logan Lerman, is a haunting, warmly satisfying adaptation with a rapturous rhythm to its storytelling!

"This is one helluva compelling film that presents us with several of the very best performances of the year." - Bill Zwecker, Chicago Sun-Times

This beautifully realized, emotionally soaring adaptation of Philip Roth's  29th novel from first-time director James Schamus is an insightful, evocative tale of love, loss and human frailty. Logan Lerman portrays a Jewish self-proclaimed atheist enrolled in a conservative college in 1951 who immediately locks idealogical horns with roommates, teachers and the dean. Not even a growing infatuation with a troubled, provocative blonde can shake him of his increasing cynicism.INDIGNATION is an engrossing, tightly-knit coming-of-age drama with a smart but delicate balance that works its way deeply under your skin.


New Zealand. 2016. Directed by Taika Waititi. (101 mins.) Rated PG-13.

HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE, from the director of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, is a charming, heartfelt and witty film that explores the meaning of family with tenderness and visual flair!

"Hunt for the Wilderpeople is all about life-changing moments and the people who are the catalysts. It's about learning from those around you, regardless of age or circumstance." - Miriam Di Nunzio, Chicago Sun-Times

Having firmly cemented himself as one of the most exciting and funniest voices in film today, director Taika Waititi (WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, EAGLE VS. SHARK) treats us to a deliriously off-kilter, cleverly crafted and truly touching tale about a young orphan and his gruff guardian. Raised on hip-hop and in foster care, defiant city kid Ricky is given a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside. A bizarre turn of events, however, forces him and his cantankerous uncle to flee from clueless authorities. Never short on laughs, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE is a relentlessly entertaining lark that melds equal parts humor and humanity into an unforgettable, adventurous coming-of-age gem about forming and fostering real family regardless of where or how we find them.

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